May 21, 2022

How to vote for Proton Kiwi DESKTOP

How to vote for Proton Kiwi on desktop

Step 1: Head to and ensure you are logged in

Step 2: Stake XPR Proton by selecting Wallet at the top

Step 3: Select Short Stake XPR from the left window. Select Stake and enter the amount of XPR to stake. Then submit by pressing Stake. Image below

Step 4: Once you have staked XPR, you are ready to vote! Click to head to the voting screen

Once on the voting screen, select 4 validators by using the tick box. Make sure one of them is Proton Kiwi if you’d like to vote for us!

This link will automatically tick Proton Kiwi as a vote. You will need to tick 3 other validators.