June 4, 2022

Community Fund Explained

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members”

Coretta Scott King

What is the Community Fund?

The Proton Kiwi Community Fund is a fund that is topped up via 10% of all Proton Kiwi producer rewards and donations made by the Proton community. You can view the community fund on Protonscan @commfund or by clicking here.

The fund is in place to grant XPR to upcoming projects in the Proton ecosystem. This is to aid projects in their infancy and on the path to being self-funded. It is also in place to incentivize the Proton community to make use of the ecosystem by partnering with projects to increase community exposure.

The Community Fund will not be accessed for at least the first 6 months of Proton Kiwi being a block producer. The fund will need to accumulate assets over time to become a valuable tool for the Proton ecosystem.

As of writing this article, Proton Kiwi is in charge of using the fund assets. When the time approaches for the Community Fund to be utilized for grants, the possibility of a DAO will be looked into to overlook the management of the Community Fund. This gives the power to the community over how the assets in the fund are used and what projects will be given grants.

No assets from the Community Fund will be used to cover Proton Kiwi operating costs or as rewards to the owners of Proton Kiwi. 100% of the assets in the Community Fund are for the community.

The fund was an idea in the setup of Proton Kiwi and we are very open to suggestions, ideas, and help with how to progress this fund.

It’s not for Proton Kiwi, it’s for the community.